Our research is open to all! It wouldn’t exist without you. Please get in touch to get involved.

What could involvement in the project look like?

Research in the community involves:

  • Pop up stalls and events in the community asking “What do you value in your local community and why?”
  • 1:1 research conversations exploring what matters in peoples lives. And what helps and what stops people living the lives they want to
  • Workshops bringing lots of different people together to review the findings, celebrate and dream about what could happen next

Research in the organisations involves:

  • Workshops with staff teams to understand how their daily activity makes a difference to the people they work with and support
  • Flashmobs within the organisations to explore overall impact, to share learning and delve deeper

Research with local partners involves:

  • 1:1 research conversations with people who have had a long standing relationship with the Centre or GP Practice and can share their story
  • 1:1 research conversations with partners to understand how we all work together to make a difference locally

Collaboration with national partners could involve:

  • Phonecalls, meetings and Skype calls to compare notes and find points of collaboration
  • Attending or co-facilitating events which pick up particular themes of community-led health creation or research about them. A past event has included a focus on how to develop meaningful outcomes for complex community-led interventions. Future events in the planning include a focus on sharing learning about coproduction, holistic and integrated models, the power and art of story-telling.